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Dark Souls Lore- Havel the REBEL

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Dark Souls Lore- Havel the REBEL

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MAD PROPS jebakz! Let me clarify. The main point is not the name Havel. The main points are that Havel's personal weapon stash contains a weapon for hunting gods and he was locked away by an old friend... for his own good of course! All of the pieces lined up on this one in my opinion. It IS speculation, but there is far less evidence against this theory than for it. The biggest weak point is the role of the mimic... still pondering that one. Some items you might want to read Havel and Gwyn were buds. http://darksouls.wikidot.com/havel-s-ring Havel was locked in a basement by his "bud." http://darksouls.wikidot.com/watchtower-basement-key Havel hated Seath. http://darksouls.wikidot.com/great-magic-barrier Gwyn favored Seath. http://darksouls.wikidot.com/bequeathed-lord-soul-shard Occult weapons are used to hunt the gods. http://darksouls.wikidot.com/dark-ember About the real-life Havel, who is interesting in his own right! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A1clav_Havel And possibly related... http://darksouls.wikidot.com/effigy-shield This is still speculation, but... I knew there was a plot against the gods, and I always felt like Havel was a key to the mystery. Almost a year later, and we are STILL finding stuff.

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alex jackson : omg man shit ! i didnt know you could get all his armour ..got his ring , if i had the shell too id be da juggernaut bitch !! lol
megajoeify : I have a theory. I think that Havel might be Andre. Here's why: 1)You know that the Havel at the bottom of the tower in undead burg is a fake. The ring he drops specifically says that it was used by Havel's soldiers, not the man himself. 2) We know that Andre of Astoria has a questionable background. If you take to him he references a 'betrayal' in his past. 3) We know that Havel tried to incite a rebellion against the gods of Anor Londo. We know this because among his stash of gear in a hidden room, we also find an occult club. A quick look at the description of the dark ember, which is used to craft occult weapons, shows that occult weapons were used to hunt the gods. 4) In the painted world of Ariamis, a dumping ground for those banished by the gods, we can find the dark ember. Some searching through the area will reveal a statue that looks suspiciously like Andre of Astora, clutching and huddled over the ember. It's definitely a theory that could be easily refuted, as From didn't place enough evidence to make a definitive conclusion one way or the other, the location for the ember really sells it for me. Any familiar with Dark Souls knows that every item is painstakingly placed, as the placement of the item serves to tell as much of a story as the description itself. The fact that From would go out of their way to associate two and only two characters with occult weaponry makes me feel that this is the conclusion that From intended us to draw.
atreides213 : I have a theory about Have. It's still in early stages, but it's interesting nonetheless. The 'Havel' we fight in Undead Burg drops none of Havel's gear except his ring. We find Havel's stuff, including his distinctive Dragon Tooth, in a basement in Anor Londo. The Havel we fight vanishes in a flash of light, much like the illusionary knights and giants in Anor Londo. Furthermore, the key that leads to Havel's tower says that there are rumors of a hero locked away bhy an old friend. In Sen's fortress, we find the soul of a hero. A HERO. So here's what I think happened. Have learned that Gwyn intended to.imprison him for insighting rebellion, so he made a plan. He created an illusion of himself, or had someone else do it for him. He placed his ring on the illusion's finger to complete the trick, and shed his armor and weapon in favor of some disguise. After following the illusion of himself being led to the tower in Undead Burg and confirming that the ruse had worked, he tried to make his way back through Sen's Fortress to Anor Londo, perhaps to begin the occult rebellion. Being a mighty warrior, Havel had most likely traversed the fortress many times. But now, he was without his weapon and armor. All it took was one mistake, and he was crushed by a boulder. Havel escaped imprisonment with an illusion, but perished in Sen's Fortress as he attempted to return to the city of the lords. At least, that's my theory.
Rodrick Anderson : is havel's armor made out of dragon scales?
mmichelangelo Tartanella : holy shit i just got killed by havel and after he killed me he did a GESTURE!!!! ive never seen that before
Darky : For fuck sakes I hate when people say "Czechoslovakia" Its Czech Republic ffs we've been a single country for like 20 years now
micah956 : It haves to be Havel due to the description of the Watchtower Basement Key.(look online) The occult club looks obvious. it's havel weapon before getting the dragon tooth. Another pointer, he went hallow and put away to the Basement. This causes the theory of how he turned hallow. We can point out alot of things, but I believe, Seath and Gwyn doings caused him locked up. Seath created that Butterfly mage, and the key is in there. One of the man, (Magic divine upgrade) looks like Havel's old friend who becomes cursed. That's all i believe it is.
CrayolaAutumn : Makes sense that Havel put the club inside a Mimic. Good security. Anybody who wanted to get at whatever was in the chest would get eaten and keep his stash safe. Also, Havel's a bishop of the Way of White. What to WoW clerics use to fight undead? Lloyd's Talismans. BUT, what additional property do Lloyd's Talismans have? They act as a soporific to Mimics, and put them to sleep for a little while. This would allow Havel to safely tame the Mimic and get items out of it (and put them inside it) whenever he needed to. BAM.

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