10 best followers in skyrim

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10 best followers in skyrim

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I don't own anything. My top 10 best followers in skyrim

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Brien McWilliams II : 1.Benor (hardass) 2. Jenassa (rip) 3. Erandur 4. Rayya 5. Armoured freakin Trolls! Rip: Jenassa, Sven, Urtherd, Lydia, Vigilance, 
Justin Liu : Next time you make a video we want GOOD fighters, not someone you like just because he's funny or keeps you company
FailedTrojan : I killed Cicero...fuck that annoying lil basterd 
1234567890abcdefg44 : Marcurio is the best Mage jzargo is a pussy and uses novice spells 
A Rimarcik : I cut ciceros head off with a battleaxe
UnknownZealot77 : Derkeethus- Only argonian follower, marked as esstenial, good with a bow.
Deadpoolwashere : Erandur is a badass
Casa Blanca : Hey.. where's J'zargo?

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