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WoW MoP - Resto Druid Healing Guide : Using Healbot

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WoW MoP - Resto Druid Healing Guide : Using Healbot

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Hey guys this is a guide showing you how to set up healbot for a resto druid and use it to heal quickly and efficiently. This addon helped me go from a good/average healer to a great one! Check it out!

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MMO Boss Guides : You're absolutely correct. Healbot sounds as if you are cheating, or botting somehow. All it really does is allows you to bind your mouse clicks to certain abilities, and quickly hover over the target you wish to use them on. A lot of people get confused and thinks it does everything for you. I bet you if it was changed to Healmaster it would get a lot more downloads. :D
fadinyc : thx alot i really wanna try it out, been using grid and vuhdo it's time to try this one :) thx again for posting this really appreciate it
MMO Boss Guides : Healbot is key bindings! :D
Jeffree Suero : anyone also uses vuhdo?
MMO Boss Guides : I think so too. :D I've been playing my priest a lot lately, but since 5.4 I've been messing with the druid more. I love the new changes! Especially the changes they made to warriors, now resto druid / warrior 2s is amazing again. :D
BossMadOne : Healbot is a great add on, everything you need rolled up in one addon that is all ways updated for each patch, but it has a terrible name. People hear "bot" and they think it does things for your. If the name was "healbuddy" or "Healmaster" I bet it would be used more.
Healbot Continued : Nice easy to follow tutorial. One thing, priority on the Cure tab goes from 1 to 20, so Priority 1 is the highest.
MMO Boss Guides : I've never tried it, maybe I will soon!

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