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Easy Burden of Eternity and 496 gear on Timeless Isle - 5.4 patch - World of warcraft

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Easy Burden of Eternity and 496 gear on Timeless Isle - 5.4 patch - World of warcraft

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How to get an Easy Burden of Eternity and 496 gear in 5.4 More info on my reddit post: http://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/1m7e65/easy_burden_of_eternity_and_496_gear/ Addons to find Chests on timeless isle: http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/handynotes http://www.curse.com/addons/wow/timelessislechests

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Jacob Thrash : this doesnt work anymore it teleports you out´╗┐
Jap2485 : I just walked in the entrance I didnt get ported or anything. Then I use stealth past all the mobs.
bjorrie96 : Incorrect when landed in the small area you will not be booted out, just tested it to make sure!
xicriticalbsy : Yea this is pretty pointless. Most people know about this chest that you can only open once per toon. If not they will soon enough.
iwantmygunsback : NOPE i did this yesterday
Jap2485 : Dont know why everyone is worrying about flying in when you can just jump from the broke bridge with a glider from the engineers cloak tinker and then walk in lol
thedon1968 : Subbed, never knew about this place until I saw this vid. ty man.
editforcontent : Not only is this video pointless, it is misleading as this workaround was hotfixed. Unless you actually have the legendary cloak, you will be teleported out of Ordos' Temple as soon as you hit the ground. I tested this using the same method on a paladin alt with the Glyph of the Fallen Avenger, which allows slow fall when you pop Avenging Wrath. As soon as he hit the ground, an error message read: "Without the protection of the celestials, you are forcibly ejected from Ordos' Temple!"

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