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Joe Rogan Experience #181 - Iliza Shlesinger

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Joe Rogan Experience #181 - Iliza Shlesinger

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JRE #181 - Iliza Shelsinger

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Schitzilla89 : probably it was some kinda synthethic canabinoid or something, its sold as "incence" so.. just a guess check it out, spice etc.
Nick Terrance : Iliza Shlesinger, seems like a cunt.
1vetboy : Bill hicks was from Ga
Brian Badonde : 31:37 Matthew Mcconaughey in True Detective.
Jacklondon 5111 : Man, Redban sure wants to get in there with Ilisa ;)
Steven Manning : 0:17 Fleshlight ad, Iliza's thoughts on it, Blanche's fish breath. 2:05 Sex toys at comedy clubs 6:05 Cat problems, cat pissed in the bed, cleanup, old people shit. 13:28 Start of the podcast, Comic community, Rosie O'Donnell 14:54 9/11 conversation 18:25 Brian's Tower 7 "Theory", red sticks of dynamite... 22:00 Joe's bin Laden theory, admitting it with your mouth. 27:29 Iliza's opinion of Western Sky lending commercial. 29:30 Weird rural spots in the south, civil war "gift shop", Confederate Flag 31:09 Southern accents 32:09 High school flashbacks, preachy southern accents, Iliza's childhood story, "I have naked pictures of your mother", "She's not supposed to start witnessin' until she's older" 36:41 "Domestic violence holes" 38:28 Max Hardcore story 41:51 "Slipping in the shower...Death Boner" 44:32 Oh, Brian... 53:38 Golden Corral Chocolate Fountain story 56:20 "I don't like chocolate..." "Then show us your cock!" 57:10 Iliza's future baby "plans"... 57:53 "You ever draw pictures of what you want your baby to look like?" 1:06:37 "I love to bake", Relationship traps 1:08:53 "I could kill my dog, and your cat", Fighting class 1:12:25 Burbank v. Hollywood argument 1:16:36 "Lesbian fanbase?", sex with Rosie O'Donnell 1:18:42 Conversation about the use of the word, Retard 1:23:30 "Would you like to throw dukes at girls, or do you want to choke a bitch?" 1:24:47 Oh, Brian, part 2. "AIDS blood necklace" 1:27:30 "I ate pie there, I was stoned one night!" 1:27:50 Brian's AIDS scare story, "I had to sell all my stuff to pay for the baby hammer...abortion" 1:33:15 Brian's moonshine at the Naughty Show story, "VERONICA I WANT TO SHIT ON YOUR FACE!" 1:38:03 Brian's people at the homeless shelter story, "Butthole Showing" 1:39:33 Weird dog text, 'Don't send me stuff like that!', Brian's random photos in texts 1:40:47 Iliza's erotic cake story 1:43:05 Vagina cakes, all assortments!; Weird midwest. 1:49:00 Iliza's Twitter and Facebook feed problems 1:52:01 Absinthe story, South African dude 1:53:26 Iliza's sock dress, asshole birthday party, Oh, Brian part 3... 1:56:20 Bra story, "guys don't give a fuck..." 1:57:30 Blanche is on the loose, "Your little animal that you take care of..."
Robby Koz : Iliza: I don't like chocolate. Brian: Alright, show us your cock. :)
Brandon Hale : Jesus, shes a gremlin

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