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Guardians of Chaos - Dark Souls Lore: Demons

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Guardians of Chaos - Dark Souls Lore: Demons

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Guardians of Chaos - Dark Souls Lore: Demons *********ADDENDUM********* I believe based off of the black knight weapons and shield, which describe the Black Knights as fighting off the chaos demons, that initially after Izalith was transformed into demons, the demons wanted to live with the rest of the humans in Lordran, but Gwyn and the Gods/Humans/Knights didn't want to co-exist with them. They fought back the demon's into Izalith, where Quelaag's cut dialogue describes them as having accepted their "banished fate". I think they were banished their by Gwyn. Regardless, there was definitely some sort of war between Gwyn and the Demons, and the Demons lost. But what about the "Bat Wing Demons?" Look at the Demon's Spear, which is "The weapon of these chaos demons wandering Anor Londo are different from those of other chaos demons, and are imbued with lightning." I believe that, similar to Seath, the Bat Wing Demons betrayed the other Chaos Demons, flipped sides, and were granted Gwyn's lightning powers to utilize. Another interesting note: When killing Gwynevere's illusion, the Bat Wing Demon's disappear. (Outside of the ones who take you up to Anor Londo - by my understanding). Thanks for everyone's comments and thoughts in the comments! ********************************* Let me know what you think - and let me know your thoughts and theories! Ballers in the Dark Souls Lore community you should check out: MSPainting: http://www.reddit.com/user/MSpainting/ John Quick: @NowQuick EpicNameBro: https://www.youtube.com/user/EpicNameBro VaatiVidya: https://www.youtube.com/user/VaatiVidya Polish subtitles provided by: Dawid Jędrzejko

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EvilDoresh : It's possible that the Dark Souls demons follow the typical fantasy demon trope of people being able to make a contract with them or bind them to a certain place. This might be another explanation why several demons seem to work for Gwyn, like the batwing demons.
kuyo blackstone : easter egg = theory fuel 
sneekylilbast : @Jack Harrington that's probably why Gwyn led an assault on the demon realm because he the queen was trying to replicate the Dragon's immortality and if she succeeded then she could potentially destroy Gwyn. If that sounds foolish I apologise but either way your theory is very interesting!
TheNarganator : I think the demon firesage deserves more coverage time than he got: if you look at the description of the catalyst he dropped, it reads: the demon firesage was the first demon, and the last master of the original fire arts. what it's referring to is the fire sorcery seen at the beginning of the game when "the witches weaved great firestorms". notice how the witch you fight in lost izalith uses fire magic but drops a catalyst when slain. note also that the stray demon has a similar explosion attack to what the firesage does, but it inflicts magic damage (you can test this by blocking the attack with a crest shield and then a dragon crest shield). anyway, just some speculation. 
Estefan Olivares : I think the dragon butts are not demons, but rather the remains of dragons struck down by Nito's miasma of death and disease. 
HaydenJD : If it wasn't for the crow, who doesn't take everyone away from the Asylum as far as I know, no one without the power of flight would escape.
ookaookaooka : It feels kind of horrible that in order to find out what's been happening in Lordran, you have to go and make it worse. There is no good ending, and every move you make sends the world and characters more quickly towards their doom.
S1lent : microphone POP

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