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Guardians of Chaos - Dark Souls Lore: Demons

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Guardians of Chaos - Dark Souls Lore: Demons

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Guardians of Chaos - Dark Souls Lore: Demons *********ADDENDUM********* I believe based off of the black knight weapons and shield, which describe the Black Knights as fighting off the chaos demons, that initially after Izalith was transformed into demons, the demons wanted to live with the rest of the humans in Lordran, but Gwyn and the Gods/Humans/Knights didn't want to co-exist with them. They fought back the demon's into Izalith, where Quelaag's cut dialogue describes them as having accepted their "banished fate". I think they were banished their by Gwyn. Regardless, there was definitely some sort of war between Gwyn and the Demons, and the Demons lost. But what about the "Bat Wing Demons?" Look at the Demon's Spear, which is "The weapon of these chaos demons wandering Anor Londo are different from those of other chaos demons, and are imbued with lightning." I believe that, similar to Seath, the Bat Wing Demons betrayed the other Chaos Demons, flipped sides, and were granted Gwyn's lightning powers to utilize. Another interesting note: When killing Gwynevere's illusion, the Bat Wing Demon's disappear. (Outside of the ones who take you up to Anor Londo - by my understanding). Thanks for everyone's comments and thoughts in the comments! ********************************* Let me know what you think - and let me know your thoughts and theories! Ballers in the Dark Souls Lore community you should check out: MSPainting: http://www.reddit.com/user/MSpainting/ John Quick: @NowQuick EpicNameBro: https://www.youtube.com/user/EpicNameBro VaatiVidya: https://www.youtube.com/user/VaatiVidya Polish subtitles provided by: Dawid Jędrzejko

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danielsan7876 : This is the thing I miss most in Dark Souls 2, the Demons. Cool video.
danielmhfu : i know not related to this vid but the centipede could be on of the daughters of chaos
Nathanael Wilson : Great video, I really enjoy your thoroughness and how you cite your sources. I do have a small question: you say that there are no guards in the Asylum, but when you return after your escape, there are four Hollows bearing torches along the path leading in. To me, this seems like they formed a search party, which seems like something prison guards might do. Perhaps, as the curse of the Undead progressed, the guards found themselves afflicted, and so the Asylum Demon was sent to safeguard the route, as it was unlikely (dunno if impossible) to be similarly affected. I find this to be most likely, as we encounter armed Hollows that seem to be trying to bar our escape. If the Asylum Demon were the only guard, why would there be regular-sized weapons there? Then again, they could be prisoners who finally see a way out and are searching for it in the falling dusk, and, lacking people skills, attack you out of rage for escaping where they could not.
Death Streak : What is that enchantment in your scythe when you fight the Capra demon?
crazy_baka_films : whats that syth wepon and is there any way to "get a better wepon because all I have is a +2 claymore the drake sword and the demon great axe and I don't seem to be good with the geat axe but its the only thing powerful enuf to kill the orgers or things when u ether the place
Jackson Zander : notice his estus flask is only +2 on ng+ 
Gavin Brennan : U are good at lore
THESOGGYSPONGE : I never fought the Capra? I have killed Quelaag? and rang both bells but?

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