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How to make a chevron pattern on a cake - Teal ombre design

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How to make a chevron pattern on a cake - Teal ombre design

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In this tutorial you will learn to easily make a chevron ombre cake, complete tutorial. My buttercream: http://youtu.be/qQSvnkIgQes Cutter in video: http://www.etsy.com/listing/119708449/chevron-3-closed-ended?ref=shop_home_active Visit my blog for more projects & details on all my videos: http://montrealconfections.blogspot.ca/2013/04/chevron-cake-done-in-teal-ombre.html

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missprettyonabudget : lovely cake wouldn't want to eat it but just to stare at it x
Linda Noddin : Could you share your butter cream recipe. Thank you for taking the time to do this tutorial. Excellent. 
Marisha's Couture Cakes : Very beautiful. 
gladys G : wow 
Sofy Partida : So nice, I,m ready for make it. Thank you
Tina Smith : you might have answered this, but what consistency icing did you use?
Ann Healey : This is so beautiful the effect is gorgeous but you have to make five different shades of icing in five different piping bags? I don't think I have enough equipment to make this beautiful cake lnot that I could probably do it anyway .You can really do it all you're amazing !
Lisa H : I don't like your Chevron marking tool. The size and width of the strips. Fine for your cake right now. Yet it would limit you to just that. Do they come in small sizes? So you can expand in ideas. Almost funny to be jumping the gun in brain storm ideas since I haven't done my 1st Chevron style yet. Classic words for "jumping ahead of the cart" HA HA. I'm seeing a ton of chevron patters with smaller lines. Most don't make them with cakes. I can see where it would be SO TEDIOUS. Yet I'm thinking of really making a go at it. Been on line wizzing through patterns & color combo. (extremely handy with painting) Was considering that as well in Chevron pattern. . I'm a detail fanatic, so the small lined Chevron patterns may be up my alley. (Having vision of being at table screaming AHHHH & muttering "this was a stupid idea"). Thanks, I enjoyed the video very much. Sincerely "the cart before the horse". 

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