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Sibir : america poor country 100 years ago was the country of the world 3, then included a printing press and began to deceive the whole world .. Soon the day of reckoning.
John Dick : Shtf James chase
James Chase : We America are growing and no collapse in sight. Chill, get a job and save! Buy real estate, invest in businesses and also stocks domestic and in trusted foreign countries and vote our fool in chief out of office along with the other Communist Democrats..
Sibir : America would divide Rob and Russia, but the effort failed....Americans will work around the world, beyond the Arctic circle in uranium mines. In America will be carried by garbage from around the world will be a big dump. Select or sewer or mine. We have already bought your President with black ass, and your economy. With love from Siberia.
Sibir : Americans will soon work in Siberia free, for life. Negros go to his home in Africa. White will work on the Russian factory
Indal : We will all either become slaves,dead,or free people
Steve Sullivan : Get ready for the "great correction" in the Fed-fueled stock market....we are at 16,000 on the NYSE...Japan went from 38,000 to 8,000 on the Nikkei the math

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