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Silver Recovery from Pentium 4 Processors

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Silver Recovery from Pentium 4 Processors

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After removing the gold pins and saving them for gold refining you can recover some silver paste. It is hidden between the fiber base and the copper heat spreader. Save the copper heat spreader too! You follow me on Twitter and be notified of the newest video upload. https://twitter.com/DrewMetalsmith

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49erdigging : im a new sub moose sent me how would you go about getting the silver from the paste?
dadrules714 : Thanks dude ! didn't know that. I was going to send them(heat sinks) to scrap yard for a few bucks per lb. Easier and cheaper than opening bearded clams. ; )
jason mill : how many kgs of pins to get a kg of gold?
peacenlove0101 : Couple of the copper pieces are yellow inside is that gold plated ?
Ricardo Viera : Cool!
9kuuby9 : i'd use nitric since it contains other metal oxides like AlO an BaO and some more; i'd depends on the paste it self and the year it came from.
greg williams : thats awesome - thanks for the demo :-)
pacoblancosmith : Thank you again for responding about the ICs and caps.... I have a site bookmarked somewhere, I think it is an EPA gov site that tells how much gold, silver and copper is in a million cell phones and how much is in a million PCs.... All you do is break that number down to, say 100 and it is pretty amazing how much silver and copper we leave behind when scrapping....of course I estimate a lot less metals as I'm not shredding boards and such.

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